Wergeland for Liv Riiser

In the feature comment Wergeland for hvermann in the Norwegian newspaper Vårt Land, Liv Riiser writes:

The nice thing about the Wergeland year celebrations until now is that it gets Wergeland out of the Suttung movement's embrace. Those idealists deserve respect for having kept him warm when nobody else cared, but they also patented him and dressed him in home-made costumes and anatomically correct shoes - which doesn't suit him well.

Well, it's always interesting when other people happen to reveal their prejudices... A Suttung emphasis on home-made clothes and anatomical shoes is news to me!

Yet, what she says is that this year even a journalist observes an interest in Wergeland that reaches beyond the Suttung movement. That's of course very positive, so I guess we'll just keep wondering where the home-made clothes came in and what costume Liv Riiser's Wergeland is wearing.

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