Me, time paginated

This website started as a categorised collection of articles, and I've always thought of it as a collection of writings about issues. Now I have finally moved to a "blog" format, all content sorted by time.

Since I've seen the light, I have thought why one would ever bother adding a random year to the address of any of my new page. Actually, the best reason is that it creates a simple and predictable pagination of content. A related and additional benefit is that the flow of time keeps requiring new content.

Pagination means splitting content into "pages" - for example the way Google does when you have 266938 hits but see only 1-10. Not that my website would ever get to 266938 pages, but nevertheless the lists of content can get unvieldy long. It is not a simple task to split the lists in a logical way and keep all content easy to find. Hence, it is very helpful that some pagination can happen automatically (even if it is sorted by the fundamentally random criteria whether page was written in April or May 2007).

And: the blog format keeps requiring new content. That is a good thing. It simply makes me way more productive to look at an empty week than to look at a list of 19 old articles and ponder adding the 20th.

Me, time paginated.

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