Blog entries for 2007

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  • On reading for children
  • Pepper mackerell and beetroot salad
  • Nettle tea
  • Sensation and body acceptance
  • Honey melon buns
  • Olga de Soto - Histoire(s)
  • Selected quotes from Stemwerk workshop
  • Me, time paginated
  • Links on speech and movement
  • A vision for St. Hanshaugen?
  • Dance and leaky abstractions
  • Terje Tjøme Mossige on improvisation and choreography
  • Innoshima blog translation: decoration
  • Onion potato salad
  • Nuclear complaint to EU?!
  • Upcoming Wergeland festival
  • Norwegian typos
  • Wergeland postcard on eBay
  • Halling tune on chello?!
  • Master
  • Very simple salad
  • Martin's smoothie
  • Myoga flowers
  • The solitary shame.. ten years later
  • Poet Besigye retells upper-class myths
  • Wergeland poetry in your inbox?
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