My master dissertation performance - a solo called Wordpath - has been accepted by LCDS so as far as I understand I now have a Master of Arts degree in contemporary dance performance from Kent University in Canterbury. Wow.

The grades were middle of the scale, with some generally expected criticism of the written essay. Expected because it felt like I had to sum up in the middle of an unfinished process. With hindsight I should have spent some more time trying to get "out" of the process before writing about it, but I guess that's how deadlines usually work. And since this project was completed with so much else going on - a baby born, Opera work and other stuff - it is rather like a miracle that I actually made it. (There was also some unexpected criticism - mainly of the formatting of the bibliography that made me wonder if OpenOffice left out some styling when converting to a Word file. Ah, software..)

In any case: a deadline passed doesn't mean that the project itself is dead. I might write a bit more on that essay - for my personal satisfaction and perhaps for this website. I might rehearse the choreography, perhaps perform it again.. Maybe discuss rhythm with Tomas from Sisu, really use video and computers to study the rhythmical interplay between speech and movement in detail, work on voice range and variation, choreograpic intention, stamina.. Still lots to explore in this project - and that's a good thing after all.

Now, what about a thank you speech.. posthumous thanks to Hans Børli for the poetry, thanks to Chia Tachibana, Stephanie Schober, Inger-Reidun Olsen, Masja Abrahamsen and Mashfiqul Islam for choreography, Sue MacLennan and Ella Gyri Groven for guidance and feedback, Birgitte Strid for costumes, the Hanton family for accomodation, and above all - naturally - thanks to Harumi.

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