About the site

This is an article/interest-based site. It is not exactly a blog (though inspired by blogging I arrange content chronologically on the front page).

Don't expect to find my CV (this isn't a job application but a personal website), don't expect frequent updates (I try not to write unless I really have something to say), don't expect family photos either (this is personal, not private).

Above all: don't expect this site to look pretty unless you're using the Opera browser to view it. I like experimenting, pushing envelopes and playing with styling I don't fully understand. I don't mind at all that it will look different or uglier in some other popular browsers.

If you want to know more about me, there is the handy about me page.

The rest of this page is a very old text written back in 1999 or so for the very first version of this website. Perhaps it is a more personal text than what I publish nowadays, but I just don't feel like removing it...

About these pages


Welcome to my site!

All sites are under eternal construction...

But in spite of the fact that my pages are not "finished", and never will be, quite a few thoughts and dreams are already placed here. Poems I love, things about dance... Somethings are supposed to be funny ;-), but the serious underlying idea, is always that our creative spirit and our dreams help us survive in our difficult world.

I really love telling stories, which probably shows in my pages. I intended to present my interests only, but the pages get stuffed with small stories and experiences of mine. Maybe this is some way of writing an autobiography?? That book has been under planning since I was 10-11 years old, back in 1987! I remember one cold, sunny day, I was jumping wildly around our old Saab, with nothing but this thought in my head: I'm going to write about this, I'm going to write about this, I'm going to write about this!

So, now it's written down. Task done! Story told...

I know it's kind of weird planning one's memoirs 10 years old. But, again, I'm a grown up in a somewhat strange cultural movement: "suttung". I made this page to present these ideas to them who are not familiar with them already.

Maybe you'll learn to know me through these pages. Actually, that was never the intention, the main point of the pages is to share dreams and thoughts..

Have a nice visit on my home page!

Hallvord Reiar Michaelsen Steen
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