Who I am

To compliment the much, much older about this site page, here are a few quick words about who I am: a dance and computing enthusiast, educated at Oslo University and London Contemporary Dance School (3-year BA in dance, followed by a year touring with EDge, the school performance group). I have so far lived in London, Lyon, Oslo and a little in Tokyo.

While studying dance and afterwards I have been working part-time for Opera Software as a customer service consultant and later on the core QA team. In QA, JavaScript issues is my special responsibility, but I'm dabbling in Java and plugin stuff too. I enjoy my computer hobby/job, meanwhile I'm still dancing daily and doing auditions.

Things that I'm excited to learn more about include languages and literature, different cultural traditions, computing, the Internet and of course classical ballet and contemporary dance. Just explore this site for more stuff about any of that :-)

This site focuses on thoughts and interests, by design. It does not often deal with my work since I have a separate blog for such purposes. Finally, even though I intended to keep my more personal thoughts private this site also contains some personal stuff well hidden in a corner.