shoogatsu: food

Here is the lavish breakfast table served on the first day of the year.

New year's breakfast, bird's eye view

Most of the food served for this meal has specific symbolic significance. Below is a list of the food with its Japanese name as well as the symbolic meaning where I remember it.

satsumaimo, mashed sweet potato
sake, the famous rice wine
菊花蕪 (大根)
daikon, japanese radish. "Chrysantemum"-cut (kikukabu).
kowai - a sort of potato. For growth
various types of fish roe. For fertility
sakana - fish
mame - black, sweet beans.
nishime - soup.
tatsukuri. Small fishes. For good harvest.

Small note: if your web browser has excellent DOM and CSS support, you can point at the food and see description in a tooltip. It works with Opera, at the time of writing it does not work with IE or FireFox.

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