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Welcome to my pages about computers and computing. This page contains some small talk and two useful macros for MS Word 95-97. (Unbelievable that it is so long since I was a heavy user of Word!!)

Other pages on computer-related stuff, is the somewhat outdated Opera-users FAQ with tips and troublesolving for users of the Opera browser, changing fonts tells you how to change your browser's font settings, and browser test reveals what information a web page can retrieve from your browser with JavaScript.

Sometimes UTF-8 is the wrong choice..

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On software quality assurance

Small metaphor to explain what software quality assurance is
1 June 2006 >>

HTTP specification cheatsheet

Trying to get an at-a-glance overview of the nooks and crannies of HTTP 1.1
January 31 2006 >>

USB scanner fix

Just a thank you link to a page that got my scanner working
25 August 2005 >>

Problems using Ulead Video Editor

About the usability and functionality problems of Ulead Video Editor 9.0
30 June 2005 >>

RoadPeace site upgrade

RoadPeace Internet Memorial site has been upgraded
13 March 2005 >>

DecimalNumber Java class for MIDP

A Java class for handling decimal numbers when writing MIDP-platform programs (Java for mobile phones)
6 January 2005 >>

Manual URL-decoding

How to understand URL-encoded double-byte characters
21 Nov 2004 >>

Browser test

What your browser tells a visiting JavaScript:
April 3, 2004 >>

Generic fonts

What generic font families are and how your browser displays them
Sep 01 2000 >>

The Computer...

Page about Word-macros. Includes two useful macros, and explains what Basic and lovers of Norwegain folk music have in common.
January 22, 2000 >>


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