Wall-climbing velocipedestrians

I've just seen the M.A. performance of the choreography students at KHiO, now I'm slowly processing the post-performance impressions..

Three students, three very different pieces: Because you're worth it (Masja Abrahamsen), Et sted før eller etter (Ingri Midgaard Fiksdal) and Skrot og nupereller (Ingunn Bekkevoll Tarebø).

The impressions and memories that stuck..

Masja - humans, isolated by many solo-sections and a very fragmented structure. Great use of ropes, aerial work, a climbing wall. Overall impression was a sort of uncertain exhibitionism, people wanting to be seen but not really competing for the stage.

Ingri - humour with songs and odd sections, powerful partnering and duets. The end was absolutely beautiful, a small trick opened up the space and made us experience the full height of the stage.

Ingunn - choreography rich in articulated energy, duets with amazing rhythm and timing. The piece was inspired by historical research into rural life early 1900s. This temporal dimension was expressed through old photos, coarse wooden walls, costumes, dust emerging from their costumes during movement, lighting, an old velocipede .. all contributing to a "completed" atmosphere which framed the dance beautifully. The temporal aspect was also apparent in some of the movement - without any distance or caricature. The ligthing was ingenious, the simple yet changing set likewise. My only criticism was that perhaps the sound score could be more local - drengstu-musikk rather than jazz..?


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