Most dance critics think alike and use the same, empty phrases. (According to DV8's Lloyd Newson, the reason is that the dance they describe is not really saying anything either.)

Most dance writing, including my own, thus is un-necessary.

By publishing these pages, I'm not pretending to be a great dance critic. I know that I'm continuously learning, among other important things, how to study the actual movement along with my literal interpretations of the dance.

I think it's fair to the readers to explain my preferences:

I never criticize just for the sake of being critical. Even comments that seem far-fetched, were written down as they crossed my mind while watching, and thus belong to my perception of the performance.

I tend to try to work out what a dance 'is about', and thus I tend to prefer non-formalist work. I'd rather see Mark Morris than Merce Cunningham. I love dance 'riddles', dance that brings associations to the outside world.

Now, that's my taste. Whether you share it or not, all comments are highly appreciated! Why not E-mail me?

Lastly, I accept no responsibility for which performances you spend your money on after reading these pages. ;-)

Hallvord Reiar Michaelsen Steen



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